4 Must-Do Things for Planning Your Wedding

Finally, your partner got down on one knee, and you uttered that simple, three-letter, life-changing word: “Yes.” Now that wedding bells are ringing, you and your fiancé are probably spending countless hours browsing websites for unique ideas to implement at your wedding. Planning the perfect wedding takes tons of time, commitment, and effort. The list of tasks is daunting, but manageable as long as you stay organized throughout. So, to help you in your mission, here are four must-do items to check off your list.

Envision your day

Now that you’ve experienced that unforgettable moment of engagement bliss, it’s time to start gathering inspiration and advice from people you love and whose style you admire. Jot down all thoughts and concepts that they’ve shared. Presumably, you and your partner already have some ideas for wedding day, as well. Start to blend all of these ideas together as you envision your big day, mixing and matching, and cutting and adding, as necessary. But remember: at some point fantasy will meet reality. It’s important to plan a budget first so your plans remain within an appropriate scope.

Pick a venue

When it comes to decision-making, choosing your venue is your number one priority. The availability of the venue may dictate your wedding date. The size and location of the venue may impact your guest list. Its associated costs will most certainly affect your budget. Until you have that perfect place booked, almost no other decisions can be made.

Look for a photographer

Years from now, when your wedding day is a fond, distant memory, you’ll have photos to remind you of who was there, how they looked, and how much fun everyone had. So don’t waste any time booking the photographer of your dreams. This is a cut-throat process; many couples book the best photographers months in advance, and the Spring or Summer months are especially competitive. Make you to set time aside for you and your partner to meet the photographer a few times before the wedding. This helps personalize the experience, giving the photographer a better sense of your chemistry, quirks, and desires – ensuring you get the best possible photos to cherish for years to come.

Book a caterer

Out of all the countless decisions you’ll make over the course of your wedding planning process, the one that is sure to be noticed by every single person on your guest list is the caterer. Not everyone cares about music, many folks won’t notice the décor, but everyone cares about what they eat and drink. This is another area where booking early is vital; the best caterers book up well in advance. Book early, communicate your expectations clearly, and leave plenty of time for careful menu planning and (the best part!) tastings.

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