Why Choose Farm-To-Table Catering For Your Next Event

In the last few years, the farm to table movement has managed to amass a huge following. Even though some are of the view that it is only a passing fad, it is not completely wrong to assume that farm to table will slowly and steadily become a mainstay in the food industry.

What is farm to table

Farm to table, or farm to fork, is a social movement that encourages restaurants and caterers to source locally produced, organic ingredients, usually directly from the farmers of the area. The ingredients that are traditionally shipped from faraway places or other countries do not offer much in terms of flavor or nutritional value. In case of farm to table, the ingredients do not travel long distances, which keeps them fresh and their flavors intact.

How did it all begin

The farm to table movement can be traced to the late 60s and early 70s when people began to express their dissatisfaction over processed foods. In 1971, the first farm to fork restaurant, Chez Panisse, opened up in California. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s that the movement achieved major popularity. It was then that farm to fork restaurants opened up in some major US cities, setting a precedent for others to follow, including us.

Why is farm to table important

1. It helps diversify your food

Choosing a restaurant or a healthy food caterer that provides a farm to table menu is a great way to introduce yourself or your guests to new and healthier food options.

2. It is eco-friendly.

When you opt for farm to table, you contribute to environmental protection. The products are not shipped across long distances, which means that there are no planes or long haul trucks involved and that means there are fewer greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.

3. It recognizes local businesses.

Restaurants and caterers who provide farm to table menus source their ingredients from local farmers. That helps the local farms and other businesses get recognition for their hard work in addition to guaranteed business.

If you are an advocate of eco-friendly, healthy and simple living, farm to table dining is something that you must definitely support.

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